Friday, April 24, 2009

Traitor to the Blood by Barb and J.C. Hendee

"Traitor to the Blood" is book 4 in "The Noble Dead" series. We spent the last book, "Sister of the Dead," learning about Magiere's tangled roots. Now it's time for Leesil to begin uncovering the secrets of his past, so they head to the land of his birth, the land of the evil ruler Lord Dartmouth. 

Of course, nothing ever goes simple for these hunters of the dead. Leesil has long been tortured by his memories of his past, it used to drive him to drink before Magiere finally helped him past that, and now those memories are back full force as he's surrounded by the origins of the memories. 

Magiere is desperete as she watches the man (ok, half-elf) that she loves in so much pain. She wants nothing more than to help Leesil in his quest to find out what happened to his parents, but Westiel is still following with her and messing with her life. This time he decides that having her brought to the warlord's attention as a Dhampir is in his own best interests, so Magiere's attention is split.

Then, to make matters even more intense Wynn, a schooler and their companion, is taken into the keep as a prisoner. She's the most defensless member of their party, and her capture throws everyone into a bit of a panic.

I really enjoyed this installment of the series. We learn a lot about Leesil's past, and I really love how the author is slowly revealing the information. Yes, I'm dying to know more, but it keeps the books gripping, and I think it's a great literary device.

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