Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Source of Magic by Piers Anthony

"The Source of Magic" is book two in the Xanth series by Piers Anthony. Bink, the hero of the last book, is sent by the King to discover the source of all magic in Xanth. To succeed on this quest he takes along the centaur Chester, Crombie the soldier (transformed into a griffen), and even the Good Magician Humfrey! It makes for an interesting crew, especially as Crombie and Chester love to fight! So they'll fight with each other when there's no one else to fight...

You'll be surprised when you discover what the actual source of magic is in Xanth, and what happens when Bink comes face to face with it! Magic is destroyed in Xanth...and the consequences are not fun. 

Each of the characters grow and develop over the course of the book, and of course there's a lot of fun adventures along the way! That's what I love about Piers Anthony's books, he comes up with the zaniest way of looking at things, and his Xanth books are a prime example of that!

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