Sunday, June 7, 2009

Three Rotten Eggs by Gregory Maquire

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"Three Rotten Eggs" is book three in the "Hamlet Chronicles" by Gregory Maquire. In this book we have a new boy joining the class - and his name is Thud. Well, that's his nickname at least, and it's a name that should give you a clue as to his personality. Thud is a bully at heart that has been kicked out of many, many schools. He's a compulsive liar, and many of the things he says shock our friends of Miss Earth's class room.

It's Spring time - and the kids of the town are all participating in a fund raising egg hunt. Unfortunately, things quickly turn south for Miss Earth's class and pettiness and lying ruin the competition. Then some of the students discover some eggs, some interesting eggs, and they manage to hatch them. What hatches are not, quite, chickens, but they sure are lovable!

Thud's lying ways spread to the rest of the class, and things get a little ugly. However, the kids learn a valuable lesson through all of this. And, eventually, Thud begins to learn to interact as a regular member of the class. It's a great read!

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