Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aria's Quest - Full to Overflowing

Section 4
Getting to Know Each Other
Part 2
Full to Overflowing

Aria ended up spending the rest of that day just following Joey around as he worked and talking with him. He seemed to drink up her stories of fairy life, and she in turn was fascinated by his stories, both about the church and about his own life. She agreed to meet him back at the next day and flew home with a mind that was full to over flowing.

Flying back home, Aria thought over her conversations that day with Joey. She had learned a lot, both about Joey, and about human life in general. Sometimes she learned the most just by the questions he asked her! The things that amazed him seemed common place to her, and she would usually turn the questions around eventually to find out how things worked in his world.
Most of what she had learned so far was surface stuff though. That was frustrating, but building relationships takes time. Aria was a little bit worried that she wouldn’t be able to find any way to help Joey, but she tried to stay confident. After all, don’t most people have at least one thing in their life that they need help with?

When Aria got back to the apartment she had a pleasant surprise, Robyn had come over for dinner! “Robyn, Darryl, Gina! Wait until I tell you what happened today!” Aria said once she got done saying hi to everyone.

“Did you drink more coffee?” Robyn asked, teasing her.

“No silly!” Aria said giving him a little shove, “I finally met a true believer!”

“Congratulations Lassie!” Darryl said with a big grin.

“That’s wonderful Aria!” Gina added, “Now all of you gather round the table before the food grows cold and Aria can tell us all about it.”

Aria had a lot of fun that evening telling her friends about Joey. They were all really excited for her, although she noticed that Robyn got a weird look on his face when she mentioned that she’d met a male human. She didn’t really know what to think about that, so she just shoved it to the back of her mind. She could have probably talked all night, but she said her “good nights” early, she wanted to make sure she had plenty of energy for what ever the next day had in store for her!

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