Friday, June 26, 2009

Aria's Quest - That First Day

Hi! Welcome to my story - Aria's Quest. If your just joining in here's what you need to know:

Aria is a Woodland fairy on a quest in the city. She must find a human and find a way to make their lives better. Aria decided this would be easiest if she found a true believer, someone who already believed in fairies that she could easily converse with, and so the first part of her time in the city was taken up searching for one of those. She's finally found a true believer and now she's getting to know him and trying to figure out how she can help him.

If you want to read the back story just follow this link: Aria's Quest

Section 3
Getting to Know Each Other
Part 1
That First Day

Aria spent a long time that first day simply listening to Joey talk. They moved from the mural of angels to talking about some of the other fascinating pieces of art in the church. Aria loved to learn, so it was no chore to listen to him talk on and on.

On Joey’s part, he found himself caught between two loves. He loved to tell stories, especially when they were true, and he’d always wanted to talk to the fairies again. After awhile though, he started to feel embarrassed, he’d done all the talking! She seemed interested, but what if he was really boring her to death? They were up in the front of the sanctuary looking at an ornate carving when he finally said, “I’m sorry, your probably getting bored listening to me tell all these stories.”

“Not at all! They are very interesting. I’ve always loved to learn new things. How do you know all these stories anyway?”

“Well, I’m the janitor here, and I listen a lot. Mr. Jacobs, one of the ushers, was here when this church was first built and he loves to tell the stories behind these pieces. He comes in once a week to make sure that the pencils in the pews are sharp. Takes him a few hours because he’s moving really slow these days. I always make sure I have work to do in the sanctuary while he’s here so I can listen to his stories. Plus, well, people tend not to notice the janitor. So I sometimes learn things just as I work.” He blushed a little,” Some of that I don’t really want to know, but some of it can be pretty interesting.”

Aria laughed a little at his embarrassment, but she understood! “Back home I used to spend a lot of time reading, like I said I love to learn, and people would forget I was there because I was being quiet, so sometimes I’d overhear things that I didn’t really want to hear either!”

“So you’re not from the city?” Joey asked, curious about his new friend, although he wasn’t sure if he had the right to call her that yet.

“No, I grew up in the woodlands. I’ve only recently come to the city.”

“What was life like in the woodlands?”

So Aria began to tell him all about her woodland home, and the fairies that lived there.

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