Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun Times :)

It's been a fun week! Why? Well I actually seem to be getting better! Woohoo! It's certainly taken long enough. I've taken enough pills, seen enough doctors, tried enough things, you'd think I'd be getting better by now! LOL One of these days I should take a picture of my box of pills just to scare all of you :P

Anway, the deciding factor for solving my migraines seems to be taking nitrates out of my diet. What are nitrates? It's a food additive that's added to processed meats to help preserve them and enhance flavor. So many lunch meats, sausages, and things like that are now off limits. I can still eat things like hamburger, baked chicken, fish... So I'm not completely out of options. And there IS one store in the area where I can find lunch meats without nitrates :) So it's a bit inconvienant (especially because I have blood sugar issues) but it's not too bad. Especially because cutting them out of my diet got me off the couch and enjoying life again!

So what have I done? I got to go to my "niece's" birthday party! She's one year old :) Man how time flys. It feels like it was just yesterday when John was calling to tell me Becca was going into the hospital, and then the call that she was actually hear! My little Alexandra Rose :) This isn't a great pic - but you have John, Me, Becca, and baby Alex :)

And yes, I was knitting at the party. So what? My food was done, baby was eating, and it was something to do with my hands! It amused John to no end :P

LOVE this pic :) John was showing Alex pictures of herself and she was giddy with excitement!

The other fun thing I've been doing this week is going for walks! I've been wanting to start exercising but not had the health to do it. Now that I'm not stuck on my back, and breathing usually, I can start doing that slowly! So I'm starting by just regular old walking. It's not high stress, so it's a good starting point. I saw this earlier in the week and it amused me :)

Have a great weekend!


BeadedTail said...

It is just so good seeing you having fun and enjoying life again! I'm so glad those migraines are gone and can't wait to see the great things I'm sure you'll be making with all of your time now!

agoodwitchtoo said...

Glad to hear that you're out and about once again!

Hey... are those my post it notes??? :)

Michelle said...

My one internet friend's daughter (14) has been having massive migraines and docs can't find a reason. I'll tell her about the nitrates. Glad you're feeling better. I've had migraines and they are awful. With me I upped the iron in my diet and they vanished.

I chuckled at you knitting - that's the sign of a true crafter when you can't stop your fingers being busy. ;-) My mom's like that and I have a friend who sells dreamcatchers on Etsy who's like that. Which reminds me... I know several art-craft bloggers who sell on Etsy. I could pass on your link or give you theirs? Advertising always helps. :-D