Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Writing ADD #8

Once again I didn't have a very good week writing. *sigh* Again, it was due to circumstances beyond my control! Part of it was just being way to busy (and some of that was very unexpected) and part of it was due to exhaustion. This last week I've been super tired, but I just thought it was emotions and doing too much. I didn't realize until yesterday that a good portion of it is the withdrawals from the steroids I've been on for my asthma. Apparently my adrenals have been mostly shut down for the last two years and now they are trying to learn to work again. So it could be a month or more until I start feeling energy again.

That fact was hard to assimilate, but knowing that also gives me a bit more incentive to push myself. Because if I don't nothing is going to get done in the next month, and that's not acceptable to me. Don't worry, I'll give myself breaks too and let myself get a ton of sleep!

Accomplished this week:
~ 2 book reviews

Goals for this next week:
~ Write and Publish a segment of Aria's Quest! (that's what I'm grumpiest about not accomplishing last week)
~ Catch up on ridiculously high pile of book reviews at least somewhat.
~ Work on my "Water" story.

The good news is that the "Water" story is an idea that came to me yesterday and I jotted down a page of notes on in my planner, and I've already written one book review this morning! So I'm on the path to success for this week - now we just have to see what actually happens.

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Nayuleska said...

You aren't the only one who hasn't written much! Life has been...busy, what with new cat and all.

Hope your health improves a little :)