Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aria's Quest - A New Way to Search

Section 4
Searching for Molly
Part 6
A New Way to Search

After dinner Aria and Robyn headed out with Robyn in the lead. He hadn’t said any more about his contacts who might be able to help them, he’d only asked a few more questions about what information she had. Molly was curious about where they were going, but she figured that she’d find out soon enough. At first she thought they might be headed to the Nexus, where the fey of the city gathered, but she soon realized that they had flown past where they would have had to turn to go there.

Finally they came to a rest on the window ledge of an apartment building, one not that different from the place Aria was staying in, and Robyn proceeded to lift up a corner of the window screen and gesture Aria to walk through. He followed after her, gestured around the room, and said,
“Welcome to the one of the best places to find information in the city!”

Aria looked around the room, curious, trying to understand. The small room was full of computer equipment, wires everywhere, with soda cans and candy wrappers overflowing from the trash. Seated at the two main computers were a pair of, she looked closer, elves! Aria was stunned to see two elves period, let alone among all this computer equipment. Aria had always been told that elves remained aloof from fey society and that they shunned the cities, preferring the natural places that were left to them. The idea of them working with all this equipment was almost more than Aria could take in!

Neither elf had paid them any notice when they came inside, and as Robyn began to explain to Aria they continued to ignore the fairy’s, completed absorbed in whatever they were working on. “Eddie and Micah are good guys, I know your probably surprised, but really, they are the best around. Very few elves have ever come to the city, but something called these two here, and they have an incredible ability with computers.”

“How will that help us?”

“Well, Joey gave you a lot of information, but he didn’t really follow up on any of it any way other than in person. Hopefully these guys will be able to find an electronic trail of what happened. If it’s there, they’ll find it at least. Well, that is, assuming we can get their attention! They tend to get rather caught up in their work, but I can usually get them to notice me,” Robyn said and took off with a roguish grin on his face.

Aria stayed where she was and watched as Robyn performed acrobatics in front of the computer screens. At first the elves just tried to wave him away, but finally one of them looked up and said, “Look, is it important? Because if it’s not…”

“Oh it is Eddie! It’s very important!”

Eddie sighed, tucked his long black hair behind one pointed ear, and tapped a few more keys on the keyboard. “Fine. What do you want?”

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