Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Escaping Cabin Fever

One of the Etsy Bloggers current blog themes is Cabin Fever - and it's something I know quite a bit about! With all the health problems I've dealt with over the years I've spent way to much time cooped up inside, and I love being outdoors!

I'm really feeling it this year as Spring starts because it's been a long few months with lots of ups and downs. Days where I felt really good and was really optimistic about my improvement, and days where I was crashed so low I just wanted to cry and give up. So what have I been doing?

Our apartment has a back patio, and I put one of my canvas chairs that my mother in law bought for me to use at craft shows out on the back patio. So now, when I'm feeling cooped up, I can go out there :) I don't always go out there for very long - but it can be nice to breath the fresh air and feel what little sun we're having on my face!

I'm also taking walks when I'm up to it - and I'm hoping to be up to it more often!

When I feel cooped up and being out side just isn't an option, because of weather, I turn to my friends. I have some girls in my life that can always make me laugh and doing something with them (if I'm strong enough) is always a sure fire cure for cabin fever!


Memories for Life said...

I bet that patio will be great this summer :) I can see you beading away out there :)

storybeader said...

how nice to have close friends! And then there's always the etsybloggers! {:-D Great that you have a porch and numerous things to keep you busy!

Splendid Little Stars said...

a sunny porch and good friends can cure a world of ills! Here's to both!