Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thief of Lives by Barb and J.C. Hendee

"Thief of Lives" is the sequel to "Dhampir." As we rejoin Magiere (the Dhampir, half-human and half-vampire), her partner Leesil (half-elf, half-human), and their faithful wolfish dog Chap, the trio are struggling to remake their lives in the aftermath of their battle with the vampires nesting in Miiska. Actually, the whole town is still reeling. It's been a few months, but it takes time to recover from major buildings being burned, and especially the loss of loved one's.

Leesil is handling everything better than Magiere. He hurts, but he's willing to face the fact that they are likely to be called on again to hunt vampires. So he goes into training, slipping away silently each morning, and works out in the forest.

Magiere goes about her days haunted by the memories of what happened, and the changes that have been going on in her own body. She's not ready to redefine who she is, but to accept the reality that she is a dhampir, she's going to have to. Consequently she's caught by surprise when the leaders of the village come to her with a letter from the capital city of Bela requesting her services as a vampire slayer. Fortunately, Leesil is able to talk some sense into her!

As they travel to Bela, and hunt the vampires they find there, our heroines are also on a journey of discovery about themselves. In this book we learn more about Leesil's background, as does he. Chap's true nature is revealed. And, Magiere finally begins to come to terms with her birth heritage.

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