Monday, March 16, 2009

Aria's Quest - Robyn

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Section 2
Part 1

Despite the wide range of advice Aria had received at her going away party, the one thing that every fairy had recommended was that she introduce herself to the local magical beings as soon as she arrived. Many fairies and other creatures had adapted to life in the cities, strange though it seemed to those who followed the old ways, and they would be able to help guide her on her quest. They would also help be able to help her with mundane things like finding a place to stay.

Finding a host family was really the first part of the challenge. Many young fairies stuck with their own kind, already unnerved by all the strangeness in the city, but many other creatures we’re willing to host a young fairy. Aria’s brother Daffyd had chosen to stay with a family of goblins, and he claimed that the experience had broadened his view of the world. Aria wasn’t sure she wanted to stay with goblins though, the stories Daffyd had told of their eating habits had been vivid, and Aria didn’t think she would be able to stomach it. She was willing to try new experiences though.

The buildings in the city were just as tall and strange as Aria remembered. She flew along, peering into windows, and looking for signs of a helpful face to help her find a local park. The greatest concentration of magical beings would be there, where the connection to the earth’s magic was strongest, and that’s where she was likely to find the most help.

Aria paused to look through the windows of a building full of clothing. There we’re long shelves piled high with clothing, and metal trees with shirts and dresses hanging off them like over-sized leaves. She’d never seen anything like this on her last trip to the city! They’d flown in high and gone straight to one of the parks, never venturing very far from the familiarity of the trees. Lost in wonder, Aria never noticed the fairy that was watching her until he spoke.

“Hey there. New in town are you?” He said in a jaunty voice.

Whirling around Aria found herself looking at a young fairy, looking to be about her age, with eyes that sparkled in the sun and streaks of blue in his jet black hair. Caught of guard she stuttered a little as she responded, “Y-y-y-yes. That is. I’ve been here before, but it was just a short trip.”

“On your own then on this trip?” He asked.


“You’d be on your quest then right?”

“Is it that obvious?” Aria asked wryly.

“Well let’s see, you’re dressed like you came straight from the woods,” with this Aria looked down at herself and wondered what was wrong with her clothes, “and you’ve obviously never seen a department store before. So yes, I’d say it’s pretty obvious.

“I guess your right.” Aria said a little self-depreciatingly. “Well, um, would mind guiding me to a nearby park?”

“I could, but that’s not where the fun’s at.”

“I’m not here for fun; I’m here on my quest.”

“Yeah, I know, but if you want the people who can help you the most, you’ll come with me. Name’s Robyn by the way.”

“I’m Aria.” She thought for a minute. Staring at him and quite frankly evaluating what she saw. He was a bit of rogue, that was obvious from his grin, but he seemed to sincerely believe that her best chances were with him. Oh well, it couldn’t hurt to go with him for a little while, if it didn’t work out she could still look for a park. “Alright. Where are we going then?”

“You’ll see when we get there. “ Robyn replied with a grin, and as he started flying backwards. “Come on!”


agoodwitchtoo said...

You've got me anticipating every installment! Wonder where that rogue is taking her...

Paisley The Jackabee said...

Loving this fairy tale :-) Can't wait to read the next part.