Monday, January 25, 2010

Writing ADD #5

I had another week that was a combination of being super busy and being really sick. I didn't get any new writing done other than book reviews - but I did get a couple book reviews and I got some other pieces typed up and one finished!

~ Typed & Edited "Classic Ruthie"
~ Typed "My Dance with Words"

No new writing - but it was good to get the stuff I hand wrote on the trip typed up!

~ Book Review - 453

Not much writing done - but a tone of other things done!

~ Book Review - 230

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday:
I don't really remember where Thursday went, I think I was just too busy to slow down and write. Friday I was on track, getting things done, and I thought I was going to write, and then a close friend called to say his Dad was in the hospital. His Dad is going to be ok (we think), but that took out that day too. Saturday I was dealing with a massive migraine and couldn't sit at my computer for more than 10 mins, let alone write....

~ Book Review - 263

Not really sure HOW I got a book review written while I had a migraine - but at least I got something done :)

Week's Total:
~ Book Reviews 3
~ "Classic Ruthie" Typed, edited, and posted.
~ "My Dance with Words" Typed.
~ Total Words - 946

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Memories for Life said...

You are always so productive! Keep it up :)