Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wolf Queen by Tanith Lee

"Wolf Queen" continues the story of the "Claidi Journals." In the last journal we left Claidi as she had finally escaped and set off to find her fiance, Argul. This journal opens with her finding Argul's tribe, landing a short distance away, and attempting to contact her love. Only there is a gigantic problem! She soon learns that Argul and his people have been tricked into thinking that she had betrayed him and his love, and they want nothing to do with her! Claidi is heartbroken, but she still sets out to search for Argul.

As Claidi searches for Argul she comes across even more complications for her life, because she meets a woman who claims to be her long lost mother! Is this dark woman really her mother? Is this mean girl really her sister? Can these people really fly? And if so, how do they do it?

These mysteries, and more, will keep you turning pages until the very end of this book!

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