Monday, January 11, 2010

Writing ADD #3

Well this week was basically a bust writing wise. We discovered that I have a new food sensitivity and it was triggering my migraines. So I spent a good portion of the week on the couch or in bed. This meant not a lot of brain energy for writing! (or much else for that matter)

I did get 4 book reviews written and wrote about 1300 words. I didn't get any of my own personal writing done, but at least I did get a wee bit done!

This next week will probably be a bit of a bust as far as writing goes too. Trying to catch up on a million things, help my hubby apply for scholarships, my brother apply for university, and Peter (brother) and I are taking a trip up to visit my Granny again! Sound busy? I agree. Hoping I can get at least a wee bit of writing done though! My goal for this week is just to get SOME writing done in the midst of everything else!


Carapace said...

Aw, pobrecita! What's the new poison?

Nayuleska said...

COnsidering how you've been feeling, you still had a good word count.

Memories for Life said...

Even on your down weeks you still get so much done!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Listen! You are amazing! That's very productive for not feeling well!