Monday, January 4, 2010

Writing ADD #2

Has it been a week already? I do believe it has... crazy. I didn't quite meet my writing goals this week, but I got a lot of things worked on, so I'm happy :)

~ Book Review - 313
~ Typed up opinion piece from Sunday.

Monday was a long day of spending another visit with my Granny, and then the long drive home. I did write up a book review in the morning though while I was waiting for Gordon to wake up, and I got my opinion piece typed up in the evening after we got home.

No writing - severe migraine all day long.

~ Book Review - 391
~ Edited & Completed Opinion Piece
~ Edited & completed Aria's Quest section 4, part 2
~ Aria's Quest, sect4, part 3 - 584
~ Added to the Jemnath Databases (finished ch 1, started 2)
~ Day's Total - 975

No writing. Had a busy day with doctors appointments and family time, so what little down time I had really needed to be down time!

~ Book Review - 352
~ Granny Camp - 250
~ "The Diner Girl" - Edited and Completed (for now at least)
~ Character Sketch - 600
~ Day's Total - 1202

I wanted to catch up a little on my writing goals on Friday, but I was only able to write a little over the normal goal. Just wasn't feel that good. On the plus side, I completed one project, wrote a review, and worked on two other projects! So that makes me very happy.

~ Book Review - 327
~ Character Sketch - 984
~ Day's Total - 1311

I was hoping to write a little more than I did Saturday (trying to catch up so I can reach my weeks goal!) but I made a lot of progress on my character sketch and that made me happy. I also got a lot of non-writing things accomplished, and we had my brothers welcome home party which ended in some of us going over to Bethie's for a movie night. So I'm happy.

~ Book Review - 464
~ Character Sketch - 243
~ Day's Total - 707
I was really tired on Sunday from all the activity the day before, so I didn't get much done, but I did finish my character sketch! Just need to edit it now :D

~ Book Reviews: 5
~ Opinion Piece - Completed
~ Aria's quest, edited and completed section 4 part 2, wrote part 3
~ Granny Camp - In progress
~ The Diner Girl - Completed
~ Character Sketch - In progress (almost done!)
~ Week's Total: 4508

The Character Sketch has been my main focus because the character is for the D&D game I'm going to be playing with some of my friends. Now that it's done I'd really like to start working on my book again, but I need to re familiarize myself with it, which I've been doing by creating the databases that I always wanted to do. I might abandon my "5000 words" goal for the week so I can focus on the databases...

Aria's Quest goes up later today!


Memories for Life said...

You must have some high goals...cuz it sure looks to me like you got A LOT done!!!

Nayuleska said...

For all that's going on you've done heaps! Be proud of what you've achieved.

TiLT said...

Holy cow girl!!!!!! I'd need my hands iced :P