Sunday, May 3, 2009

Six Haunted Hairdos by Gregory Maquire

"Six Haunted Hairdos" is book two in the Hamlet Chronicles. In this book we rejoin Miss Earth's class as they go on yet more wild adventures! This time the two clubs in the class are debating over the existance of ghosts. 

The boys say that ghosts are real, and know just what to do when they see one! "1. Pinch yourself to make sure your awake. 2. Pinch the ghost, to make sure it's real. 3. Run away - as fast as you can!"

The girls think the boys are just plain silly, so they decide to play a trick on them and dress up as ghosts. They find some crazy old wigs and start a rumor about 6 hairdressers that were supposedly killed in the area. Then they set out to scare the boys! 

This time, however, the boys are right and there really ARE ghosts visiting their small town! It will take all the kids working together to solve the plight of these ghosts in a hilarious adventure that will keep you laughing the whole way through.

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