Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aria's Quest: Brew it Up

Welcome to Aria's Quest! If this is your first time here this is what you need to know. Aria is a young woodland fairy on a quest in the big city to find a human she can help. If she's successful she can return to her tribe as a full adult. Aria's chosen to look for a true believer (one who already believes in magic and fairies) because she thinks that will make her quest easier...but finding a true believer may be harder than she thought! Read the rest of the story here. 

Section 2
Part 6
Brew it Up

It had been a long day and Aria was feeling a little bit let down by the time she returned to the dwarves apartment. She’d hoped to find at least something, but her first day of searching had been a big bust. What started out as a day filled with hope and promise had turned to a day filled with rain, soggy wings, and disappointment. 

Gina and Darryl were sympathetic to her disappointment, but they encouraged her not to give up. “It’s a big city deary, I’m sure you’ll find someone, you just have to be patient.” Gina told her as Aria dried out by the heater. “You have to look at this as a long term project. Take your time, explore, and learn along the way. You’ll probably learn things while your searching that will help when you do find the person you are supposed to help.” Aria gave her a small smile, feeling some better, but still exhausted. Gina gave her a small cup of hot chocolate and then let her be. Gina was a mom at heart, even though she’d never had a child of her own blood, and she knew that sometimes you just needed something hot to drink and a good night’s sleep.

The next morning Aria did feel quite a bit better. Today she planned on just exploring. She’d gone to all the close by places that her friends thought might be good locations, and now it was time for her to get to know the city a little bit for herself. So she started flying West, avoiding the crazy building that Robyn called a “Mall,” and soon stopped at a place called “Brew it Up.” It looked interesting, and she figured that she should probably just start looking anywhere and everywhere.

The first thing Aria noticed when she slipped in the door as a customer entered was the smell. It hit her like a tidal wave, for all intents and purposes stopping her where she flew, and overwhelmed her senses. She managed to flutter over to a near by window sill, and she collapsed there, trying to sort out her sensory overload.

The shop was crowded with people of all sorts. Aria was still trying to understand human clothing styles, but she knew enough to know that these people we’re dressed in a wide variety of styles. Some were sitting in chairs, talking and sipping cups of dark liquid, others were standing in a line in front of a long counter, and there were still more people running around behind that long counter. The people behind the counter all seemed to be dressed alike, and they seemed to be preparing this dark liquid for the people in line. 

Aria decided that the dark liquid must be what she was smelling. It was overpowering! But for some reason she found herself drawn to it, wondering what it actually tasted like, trying to understand what lured all these different people to one place. Maybe understanding that would help her to understand the humans of this city better. 

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