Sunday, May 31, 2009

6 Things That Make Me Happy

I've been tagged! Now I don't pass tags on that often (too much else to write about!) but this one is just perfect! Why? Because this is basically the topic I was going to post on today anyway! How cool is that? It's a slightly different approach, but hey, that just meant I had to reorganize my brain :P Probably good for me I'm guessing right? 

First I would like to say a huge THANKS to my dear friend Kayla over at the Eclectic Element for tagging me. She's a constant source of sunshine in my life and today is no exception :) 

6 Things That Make Me

Sunshine and Dragonfly's
Seriously - I love the sun! And I live in the great Northwest where it rains all the time. 
Go figure eh?
Ps. Click on the picture to go to it's listing!

Books and the Library
I love books! They are my escape, my passion, my pleasure. I also love living close to a well stocked library! I mean, every once in awhile they disappoint me, but I'm able to find so many books! With out the local library this poor girl would be in dire straights indeed.

Wonderful and Crazy Artist Friends
Seriously - you guys keep me going! When I'm having a bad day I know I'll be able to come on-line, find one of you, and you'll cheer me up! Even if I don't tell you I'm having a bad day :P I also love all the crazy and awesome things you come up with. Like this sock monkey by my friend Amy. Isn't he cute? His name is James :) Click on the picture to go to it's listing!

Fresh Fruit!
Ok, so the picture below is for a candle (how cool is that? click on the pic to go to the listing) but I LOVE fresh fruit! I love this time of year for that reason :) Fresh berries, fruit salads, PINEAPPLE! is good :)

Not so much the owning, but the creation of it. I love coming up with new designs and I love that it's something I can do to feel my days when I feel utterly rotten. And yes, you guessed it, clicking on the picture will take you to the listing ;)
If you've never been to - your missing out! Hulu hosts a variety of tv shows and movies for FREE. Can you guess what I'm often doing while bead weaving? That's right, catching up on my favorite shows on hulu :) Which is extra nice because we don't get tv reception in my apartment! I'd go crazy (erm, crazier?) without hulu!

Now I'm not much for passing these on - so if you feel like doing it go ahead!


Adaptable Kay said...

Okay so I totally have to agree with EVERYTHING you said!! Lol
OMG. First thank you for recognizing me ^.^
That was so sweet!
My god we have a lot in common :D

Leather Made Nice said...

I really love this blog. I especially love the warm look of it.., it's inviting. Well done, Ruthie!! Anne ^i^

BeadedTail said...

I enjoyed reading this tag! All those things exude happiness!

Memories for Life said...

It is always great to think about the things that make us happy :)

Patti said...

You've hit so many things that make me happy, too! Thanks for the very positive post!!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I like ALL those things, too! And I have for quite a long time. The newest fun is the people I have "met" through blogging. Thanks for sharing your happy, creative spirit with us!

Amy said...

AWw thank you Ruthie! I have to agree..those thingns make me happy too! (especially with a little ice cream on the fruit!! LOL) YOU make me happy Ruthie bc u are just too darn awesome!! :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed "your happiness"!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ruthie, for including my ACEO in your happiness list! I hope you have a day filled with sunshine and dragonflies and all the things you love!

TiLT said...

you like books?!? really? lol!

and am I wonderful or crazy? hmmm... :)