Friday, June 12, 2009

Star Trek - the Original Series

You could say that I grew up on Star Trek. I have many fond memories of watching both the Original Series and the Next Generation with my parents. I'm way to young to have seen TOS (the original series) live, but we sure enjoyed the reruns!

After watching the new Star Trek movie last month I've been jonesing for some classic Star Trek! I tend to watch tv and movies on-line while I'm working on beading, and since I finished going through all the episodes of Stargate on Hulu, it was time to look for something else!

My dear hubby had mentioned a little while ago that CBS has a "classics" section where they have a small selection of older shows. So I headed over there to check it out tonight, and I'm notw in Trekkie heaven! They have all three seasons of TOS on CBS, and that makes me really happy!

On the other hand, can you believe that the series that spawned a cult following that would last for at leas several generations was only 3 seasons? These days a show with a good run could have a full decade, and the many of the incarnationas of Star Trek that were to come later certainly had many more seasons!

One of my favorite Star Trek gimmicks has always been when they head back to earth, but in a different time frame, or when they explore an earth time frame through the holodeck. I was amazed to realize that the second episode of TOS ("Assignment Earth") involved time travel back to a very "groovy" era on earth!

And now that I've expressed my geekiness for the night, it's time to go back to beading!


TiLT said...

Awesome! Now I know where to find 'em too :)

And ALL stargates are on hulu?!? cool - I've been Netflixing them, but they are missing some discs from certain seasons & I stalled out.

Am putting both these & Angels series on my Xmas list - one can always hope :)

Stephanie Barr said...

Ok, that's cool.