Thursday, June 4, 2009

And Update and Some Rambling

There is a lot going on right now. As I posted yesterday my friend Kat is in the hospital. She's been having seizure like episodes and blacking out since Tuesday.  They are calling them tremors. She's not flailing and only has minimal back arching. It's more like she's shivering all over. They've done all the tests and stuff as well, and there's none of the neurological symptoms that would go with a seizure.  

At this point the doctors are saying that it's pretty much stress related.  Knowing her life, I'm inclined to believe the doctors are right this time, although I have to admit that anytime a doctor diagnoses stress it makes me a little suspicious.  I also know that stress an do weird things to your body. I know it certainly makes all my health problems worse! 

She's going to be going home at some point tonight unless things get worse. The family situation is NOT good and her doctor is advocating she basically disappear from them for awhile.  She normally lives with a friend anyway so at least she has a place to stay.  She lives with my Evil twin :D  My Evil Twin has a rehearsal she has to be at tonight so my brother and I might be the ones picking her up from the hospital. Or maybe just Gordon. I'm really tired from all the activity of the last two days.

On top of all this...I have a friend who's been dealing with severe depression lately...and she's suicidal. Fortunately I'm not the only one who's there for her! It's still a really exhausting and emotional situation though.

I'm trying hard to put everything in God's hand and not stress. It's hard not to though. Both girls are like sisters to me. 

I've spent a lot of time with Gordon through all of this - because he's really close to both of them too! We've had some great moments. He's worried about me though. He keeps saying it must be dangerous to be his sister. I'm his biological sister and I've been so sick...and he considers both these girls sisters as well...

We stopped yesterday to get me dinner at Subway - you know the line "Subway - Eat Fresh!" How about "Zombies - Eat Flesh!" instead? Ever since Gordon said that line (he got it from someone else) it's been randomly sneaking into our conversation :P

We drove past a motorcycle cop today (doing lots of driving) and he was just standing there messing with his mini-computer. Gordon's reaction? "Is he playing Sudoku?"

Kat is at OHSU - which is a massive hospital complex across the river in Portland.  She was in that area when this all started. Anyways, it's a pretty decent drive as it is. Then, once you get there, it's built on this hill, has about a million and a half buildings, and it's very confusing! So on top of our long drive, Gordon and I kept getting lost! We finally have it figured out now though. It's still a lot of walking even once we did figure out where to park and how to get places though...

The parking is horrible over there! So far we haven't hit anything though :P 

Moses made dinner tonight. :) Rice and chili :P Nice and simple. 

I'm tired.

Did I mention I'm tired?

This is really didn't end up as random as I thought it was going to be...but I'm sure you won't mind.

Oh and here's how you can know I'm REALLY tired - don't even want to bead :P


Memories for Life said...

I hope both of your friends get well soon! I have dealt with depression in a family member before and it can be very thoughts are with you all!
At least it sounds like your brother has a good sense of humor...he will help you from getting overstressed I'm sure :)
Hang in there girl...and get some rest!

Splendid Little Stars said...

sending you love and support and lots of well-wishes.

BeadedTail said...

Hoping both of your friends get better very soon! I'm sure they appreciate having you helping them through this but be sure to take care of yourself. It sounds like the guys in your life are there for you during this tough time.

TiLT said...

ugh girl. I am glad that your family is there for you :) And that you are such a great friend to your "sisters"...but mostly glad that you know to at least try not to let this stress you out too much & just do what you can & be there for them :)
and I think you're worth the risk to be sister :P