Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aria's Quest - At Last

Welcome to Aria's Quest! If this is your first time here this is what you need to know. Aria is a young woodland fairy on a quest in the big city to find a human she can help. If she's successful she can return to her tribe as a full adult. Aria's chosen to look for a true believer (one who already believes in magic and fairies) because she thinks that will make her quest easier...but finding a true believer may be harder than she thought! Read the rest of the story here.

Section 2
Part 9
At Last
Aria woke up late the next day, and debated going out at all. She hadn’t really taken a break since she got to the city after all! Of course the night before had been a lot of fun, so she could kinda count that as time off, even though they had been searching while they went pub hoping.
Eventually she decided to drag herself out of bed, comb her hair, raid the kitchen, and finally set off on her day. Even a half day of searching was better than nothing!

Today she decided to explore a church she’d flown by a few times on her trips. She’d avoided it at first, after all she was looking for a believer in fairies not a believer in God, but she decided it might be time to expand her horizons and just try everywhere! Besides, it was a beautiful building and she loved exploring these huge buildings that humans came up with.

The first thing Aria saw when she entered was a gorgeous mural painted to one side of the lobby. She flew over to hover in front of it, staring at the scene that was depicted there. There were human-sized beings, with wings that were covered in white feathers like a bird, and they were laughing and playing instruments. We’re these some kind of fairy that she had never heard of? She was so lost in thought that she never heard the person who walked up behind her.

“Beautiful aren’t they?” Aria gasped and spun around. It was just her and this human in the room, but, but, he couldn’t have been talking to her could he have? She was visible, it had kind of become a habit during the search, but could someone actually be seeing her and talking to her?

“Were you talking to me?” She asked, incredulous.

“Of course. There isn’t anyone else here. Well, unless their in hiding.” The young man ducked his head slightly, looking a bit embarrassed, “I hope you don’t mind me talking to you.”

“No! Not at all! I’m just surprised! So few people can see me! My name is Aria by the way.”

His face lit up as he responded, “I’m Joey! It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to talk to a fairy!”

“You’ve talked to others?”

“Yeah, not since I was a little boy, but there were a few up at my Grandparents cottage that used to talk to me. My sister never really believed me, so I stopped talking about it, but they were there. I’ve seen a few here in the city, but never really had a chance to talk to any of them.”

Still a little caught off guard Aria searched her head for a way to keep him talking, “So can you tell me about this painting? Are these some kind of fairy?”

“No, those are angels.” He said as he launched in to a long and fascinating explination.

Now how was Aria going to figure out if he needed help with anything?

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