Sunday, April 26, 2009

Taking a Lazy Day

Ok, so I do often take Sundays a little slower than the rest of the week, but this week my body isn't giving me much choice. I had a really bad asthma attack on Thursday and I've had several follow up attacks after it. So I've been pretty tired. Now my lovely head decided it wants to chime in because of the stress of the attacks - and I can't find my migraine medicine! Grrrr...

Fortunately as the day has gone on it's gotten a little bit better bit by bit. I spent half the morning in bed trying to block out the entire world. Eventually, when my eyes decided to refocus, I was able to read. Ever wonder how I read so many books? Blame the asthma and migraines! I finished one fantasy book this morning, read a children's book, and started on a new fantasy! Yes, I also read pretty fast :P

Am I weird that my day doesn't feel normal if I don't get to blog? I remember taking one of those random quizzes once, and it told me that I'm NOT completely addicted to blogging, I beg to differ. It's a relief when the pounding in my head goes down enough that I can look through half-lidded eyes as my fingers pound away at the keyboard! 


TiLT said...

can you read with the migraine? I just like to cower under the covers, whimper & hope I don't upchuck :P
Love the quick reading tho'....drives my hubby (the creative writing masters degree holder) nuts that I read so fast! he he! woots for fast readers!

Hope you're feeling better (((((hugs))))

and that wrong!

sundcarrie said...

Hope you feel better today!

Izzy Daniels said...

Ya...I know that feeling. blogging is a lot of fun and there are times when I can't stand it if I don't get around to blogging. I hope you get better and good luck with all that reading.

Memories for Life said...

Sending you well wishes that this week brings better health :)
Glad to see you're able to read and blog even when you're not feeling the best!