Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aria's Quest - Finally Searching

Welcome to Aria's Quest! If this is your first time reading the story, or if you missed a few weeks, go here to catch up! 

Section 2
Part 5
Finally Searching

Aria woke the next morning, a little disorientated by her new surroundings, but refreshed from a good night’s sleep.  It would take some time for her to get used to living with the dwarves, but since Robyn had grown up with them they were accustomed to having the much smaller fairies around, and so they quickly made her comfortable. She was glad that she seemed to be settling in quickly, because she wanted to get started on her search!

To complete her quest Aria would have to find a human who needed help or who’s life she could improve, and then do so. The task sounded simple enough, but Aria knew from the stories that other people had told that it was often hard because people may say that want change in their lives, but they often resist it.  Aria had decided her task would be easier if she could find a true believer to help. True believers already believed in the magical world. Because of this it was much easier to take off the normal magical cloaking of invisibility and make yourself seen. You could still do it with non-believers, but it was much harder to convince them that their mind wasn’t just playing tricks on them. 

The night before Aria had talked with her new friends about her ideas for searching out a suitable human.  Unfortunately they weren’t used to thinking of humans in the terms of new believers. Robyn rarely ever saw a need to interact with humans, and Gina and Darryl didn’t need to worry about whether or not a human believed since they themselves could pass as humans. Despite this, they had managed to come up with a few nearby places that Aria would be able to find on her own. 

So that morning, after a pleasant breakfast with Gina (Darryl was already gone for the day), Aria set off.  Her first stop was a little shop of Celtic jewelry that was only a few buildings down from the apartment building. She planned to go in, drop the invisibility that usually surrounded her, and see if anyone noticed her flying around. 

The shop, Celtic Treasures, was full of beautifully wrought jewelry and other items. Aria was so fascinated by the knot work that she almost forgot what she was there for! She quickly came back to her mission though and dropped her invisibility. There weren’t many people in the shop, just a clerk and a couple of customers, but she hoped that their interest in things Celtic would make her more easily seen. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case.  She tried sitting on objects they were looking at, and even flying right in front of their faces, but nobody as much as blinked.

Aria was disappointed, but she knew that she would have been extremely lucky to find a true believer on her first stop. 

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