Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Aria's Quest - The Nexus

Welcome to Aria's Quest! This is a fantasy story that's being published weekly. 
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Section 2
Part 3
The Nexus

Robyn looked at Aria with a huge grin and said, “Well, what do you think?”

At first Aria could only stare around her in wonder, but she finally got her wits together enough to say, “What is this place? Where have you brought me?”

“We call this the Nexus. It’s a place for the magical creatures of the city to gather, exchange information, and trade.” Robyn replied.

“Um, isn’t that the function the park serves?” Aria asked, confused.

Robyn snorted. “Supposedly. From what I understand, when the large cities first started to form, our people went into the parks because it felt safe, and familiar. From your reactions and others I’ve seen, I guess it still does to outsiders, but times have changed for many of us. Take me, I was born here and I’ve never actually been outside of the city.” He gestured around the room with a sweep of his arm, “Most of these people are just like me. The old ways just don’t make sense in our world any more. I guess it works for the old folks, but we’re creating our magical world, right here, and it works better for us.”

“You know that I’m from the forest, why do you think the Nexus would be better for me?” Aria asked, still confused. “I mean, all of this is so foreign to me.”

“Maybe, but think of this, who do you really thinks understand the city better? Those of us who are actively living in it, forming our lives around it, or the old folks who still prefer the old ways? Who do you really think is going to be able to help you more?” Robyn folded his arms across his chest, still cocky, but obviously a bit defiant as well.

Aria was hesitant. She looked around her again at the strange hustle and bustle. Robyn did have a point, it seemed like the people associated with this “Nexus” were more in touch with what was really going on, but it felt a little like turning her back on what she grew up with. Still, there weren’t very many rules about how she went about her quest. She could solicit help, as long as no one directly interfered with the human she was trying to help, but advice, information, background support, all that was fine. Other than that it was pretty much up to her how she went about things. So, with a small sigh, Aria finally said, “Ok, so where should I start?”

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