Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Aria's Quest - New Friends

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New Friends

As Robyn had described his surrogate parents to Aria he had lead her out of the Nexus, out of the big and confusing building, and to another equally confusing structure. This building was one of the really tall one’s, and after they had entered it Robyn lead them in flying up a long flight of stairs that constantly doubled back on itself.  Finally they emerged into a long hallway that seemed to be lined with lots and lots of doors with numbers on them! Aria didn’t know what the purpose of the numbers was, but they seemed to be sequential. 

Announcing that they had arrived, Robyn stopped in front of a door with the number “891” on it in big letters. Seeing Aria’s confused face he explained, “This is an apartment building. Like a bunch of little homes all in one big building. Each door leads to a different home. Kind of like a bee hive, only the people don’t always know each other. Since Gina and Darryl can pass as humans, they can live in a human home with out creating any suspicion.”

Robyn pushed a button that was next to the door, and a few moments later a pretty woman opened the door. She was much bigger than Robyn and Aria (since the average fairy is about 4 inches tall), but seemed to still be much shorter than the humans Aria had seen. She was well built; and dressed plainly, but her smile made her face radiate, and she was obviously happy to see Robyn.

“Robyn! You rascal, it’s been too long since you’ve come by.” Looking over her shoulder she called, “Darryl, Robyn is here! And he has a pretty lady fairy with him!” Turning back to them she gestured for them to come on in. Robyn zoomed in, the two of them talking quickly as she pestered him with all those questions that every mother wants to know when her child has been away for awhile. Aria followed. She was still a little nervous, but happy that Gina seemed to be so nice and normal.

Gina lead them into a room with comfy looking furniture, and a middle aged man, who was about the same height as she was. He quickly stepped forward to greet Robyn and then turned to Aria, “And who’s this lovely young lady?”

Aria blushed and responded, “My name is Aria.”

“Ah, a lovely name for a lovely girl. Robyn my lad, where ever did you find her? And why haven't we met her before?"

“She’s new to the city Dad. Looking for a place to stay while she completes her quest.”

“And you thought of us?” Gina asked, “That’s so sweet! We’ve missed having a young one around the house. Since you left us Robyn the house has been so quiet and boring.” 

“Well Mom, I’m sure you won’t have to worry about that any more.” 

“And maybe we’ll see a bit more of you as well now lad?” She asked with a sly grin towards Aria that made Aria blush again.

“Maybe Mom.” Robyn said with one of his cheeky grins.

“Well Aria, let’s get you settled, have you eaten anything? Are you hungry? Do you have a pack? Oh I hope you don’t mind Robyn’s old room…”

Aria found herself being lead away. Looking over her shoulder she saw that Robyn was still grinning, but that was ok, she decided that she was going to do just fine here.

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