Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aria's Quest - Strange Sites

Sorry this is late! I've been a little busy, and the time I set aside to write? Yeah, I hit writes block. Figures eh?

If your new to this story you can get the back story here.

Section 2
Part 2
Strange Sights

Robyn flew fast, but Aria had always been an agile flyer, so she was able to follow close behind. The biggest problem was that she kept getting distracted by all the amazing things she’d never seen before! She was quickly learning that her previous trip to the city had only shown her a tiny glimpse of what to expect, and really hadn’t prepared her for her quest as well as she thought.

Aria felt a little overwhelmed as they wove through all the different buildings. She was used to the only tall objects in the sky being trees or mountains. These looked nothing like that. There were some that reached for the sky, just like a tree, but much taller. Others we’re shorter, almost squat, like the foot hills around a mountain.

Before long they reached a grouping of buildings that was even stranger than what she had seen so far. The main building wasn’t very tall compared to some of the others, but it seemed to go on forever! Plus there were those metal things that humans like to ride in, they looked so confining compared to flight, and they seemed to surround the building.

Aria was surprised to realize that Robyn was flying straight towards this strange building. She had to follow even closer as he swooped down, through strange glass doors, and wove in among the people. Aria nearly lost Robyn as he darted this way and that, everything was so overwhelming!

Finally the swooped through one last set of doors and came to a place where there were no humans, only fairies and other magical beings. It was almost a relief after all the strange sights Aria had just witnessed, but there were still so many strange things in this large room!

There were monstrous shelves everywhere, and items of fabric were piled high as far as the eye could see. Looking closer Aria realized that even the magical beings looked far different from what she was used to. She didn’t know much about other magical beings, but she knew enough to know that they weren’t dressed at all like what she’d expect. The fairies were the strangest of all. Instead of the dark woodland colors that she was used to, they wore bright outfits, often in colors that would be found no where in nature.

What had she gotten herself into?


uniquecommodities said...

I hope you plan to publish your book!

Paisley The Jackabee said...

Ditto!! I love this story!