Sunday, September 5, 2010

Life Get's Complicated Sometimes

So lately it seems like I'm stuck in a cycle of one bad occurrence after another, and even in-between those, I'm so busy recovering and fighting depressing that I still haven't gotten much done! Do you ever go through periods like that? The only good thing is I have some inspiration from everything I've got through recently. I've already written one poem! And there's another piece floating around my head. I don't know if it'll get written right now or   if it'll just get stored away for something later, but that's always good right?

Anyway, I'm doing better right now, at least I seem to be. I guess with my life I can never really promise that, but I've had a pretty good couple of weeks and I seem to be getting on track again. I can't promise that I'll truly be on track immediately, but I'm hoping to be able to blog regularly again, write, and work on my jewelry business again. I shall persevere!


Bippity Boppity Glue said...

How wonderful you're feeling better. Keep it up and stay motivated! xoxo Heather

Amy said...

I'm here when you need me Ruthie! :)

Kathleen said...

(((hugs and prayers))) Hope things go better for you!!!

Michelle said...

Oh yep! I've had the same year. Stress, illness, more stress... more bad news... and just BLAAAH depression most of the last three months.

Which is why I haven't been near your blog in AGES.