Friday, September 10, 2010

Poem: I Watch

I Watch

I watch as two trains hurl towards each other.
Knowing neither is going to stop,
Knowing what must happen next.

I watch as trains collide and pieces go flying,
As anger rages and tears flow freely,
As bitterness and hurt are exposed.

I watch as two people who love each other – destroy each other.

I watch as accusations fly but also…
As apologies are given in shame,
As two struggle to understand.

I watch myself standing in the middle of the train tracks,
First anticipating the inevitable collision,
Then amidst the flaming aftermath.

I watch as I concentrate on all the separate pieces,
Then slowly try to rescue what I can, 
And restore some sense of cohesion.

I watch, knowing that I cannot do everything,
But knowing that I can help,
And determined to do what I can. 

I watch as pieces slowly come back together,
As compromises are reached,
And progress slowly made.

I watch knowing tonight is just the beginning,
That construction needs to be done,
And train tracks redirected.

I watch until I can let go with a measure of peace.

I watch knowing the trains, my friends, can never be the same,
Grieving for the pain and anger I’ve seen,
But hopeful and praying for the future.

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Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Just to answer a major question upfront - no - this poem is not about my marriage.