Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Writing ADD #16

I've decided I really need to start jazzing up my Writing ADD reports with some photos. Make things more interesting ya know? So today's report is brought to you by....the sun! Woohoo! "I'm walking on sunshine..."

I didn't get too much writing done this week. 4 book reports, 1468 words. I'm happy I got that much done though! It was a busy/sick week. Not a good combo for writing. My big accomplishment in writing for the week is that I broke 30,000 words for the year! Yippee!

This week looks to be really busy too. I have some commissions and projects I need to work on. Trying to get my booth in shape for the Saturday Markets. Helping my hubby look for a job. Lots to do! So who knows what this week is going to look like writing wise. Sometimes busy means no writing. Other times it means I'm in "hyper productivity mode" and I get lots of writing done as well! We'll see which one this week turns out to be :P

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