Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Geeks Like Me

This is entirely my elf sisters fault. Seriously. You can blame her. See - it's even on her blog!

Pick 20 movies/books/video games and put their summaries from Better than it Sounds and, WITHOUT CHEATING, have your friends guess.

I'll give you a hint though ;)

Tv Shows:

1. A DHS agent, a mad scientist, and a high-school dropout solve mysteries with dubious scientific techniques. (Fringe - La)

2. A super-strong cheerleader, a Jewish computer nerd witch, a goofy slacker, and the school librarian fight undead (mostly) monsters of the week while their personal lives turn into a soap opera. Beloved people die with depressing regularity. (Buffy - Cecily)

3. A spy who can't fire a gun helps people by using everyday items in unconventional ways. (Macguyver - Cecily)

4. A gorgeous but socially clueless genius anthropologist solves murders involving really icky decomposition with a street-smart and equally gorgeous wisecracking FBI agent. UST ensues. They are helped by a socially retarded supergenius, a conspiracy-theorist slime expert, and a good-hearted, free-spirited artist. (Bones - Meri & Cecily)

5. Three men and four hundred extras travel through space in their futuristic living room/model UN club. (Star Trek TOS - Cecily)

1. A commercial for granola bars causes a schizophrenic ninety pound girl and a Shell Shocked Senior to topple a government. (Serenity - Meri & Cecily)

2. Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles. It doesn't sound too bad. (Princess Bride - Meri & Cecily)

3. A neurotic ballet dancer takes singing lessons from a serial killer who lives behind her dressing-room mirror. (Phantom of the Opera - Meri & Cecily)

4. Smartass kid neglects his education, shamelessly manipulates the sympathy of his parents and those around him and, for his own self-gratification, triggers a series of events that results in the destruction of his best friend's father's priceless car. Without remorse. Despite this, everyone loves him. (Ferris Bheulers Day Off - Cecily)

5. An anti-social teenager sees visions of an anthropomorphic rabbit, has a jet engine crash into his room, and has one month to prevent the end of the world... which he is the cause of. (Donnie Darko - Cecily)

Books (some may be movies as well):
1. Opinionated young woman meets snob and doesn't like him, until it turns out that she does. (Pride and Prejudice - Cecily)

2. Girl finds an alternate universe in a closet. Jesus is shaved. (The Lion, The Witch, and Wardrobe - Meri & Cecily)

3. A drunken cynic, a middle-aged fat guy, a kleptomaniac midget, and the world's tallest dwarf save their hometown from a dragon. (Guards! Guards! - Meri)

4. Four sisters with very different personalities grow up next door to a boy who plays the piano. One of them dies. (Little Women - Meri & Cecily)

5. Obsessive control-freak stalker and self-confessed cannibal breaks into the house of a hybristophiliac girl with age and appearance issues and low self-esteem, watches her sleep, goes through her dirty laundry, attempts to intimidate her with displays of his physical prowess and rare dermatological disorder, and reminds her at every opportunity that he wants to kill and eat her. It's a love story. (Really NOT better than it sounds.) (Twilight Saga - Cecily)

6. Three kids use The Power Of Love to help save the universe from a disembodied brain who's really big on conformity. (A Wrinkle in Time - Teri)

7. A young man travels into a magical kingdom to find a meteor to give his girlfriend, except the meteor is another woman. (Stardust - Cecily)

8. Ten-year-old girl with gender identity issues decides to become a professional crossdresser. (Allanna - the First Adventure - Meri & Cecily)

9. Girl pursues a lagomorph into a land ruled by playing cards, bad logic, and nursery rhymes. (Alice in Wonderland - Meri & Cecily)

10. Teenager teams up with a dragon and an old guy to get revenge on some strangers and rescue an elf. (Eragon - La)

Have fun scratching your head :)


Meri Greenleaf said...

Yay! I get to play again! I already guessed tv #2 and #5 on someone else's, so I'll let someone else get that first.
3.) Is that Chuck? I've never seen it, so I have no idea if that's right.
4.) Bones! I used to watch that. :D

1.) Firefly! Er... Serenity, I guess, since it's a movie and not under show.
2) Is that Princess Bride?
3) Phantom of the Opera. I only know that because of the Discworld parody, lol.

#1 sounds familiar...
2.) Narnia! "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe".
3.) That has GOT to be Discworld. Is that Guards!Guards!
4.) Little Women? I was going to guess something by Jane Austen, but those don't fit.
8.) I already guessed this on someone else's, but since it's obscure and doubt anyone can get it here, I'll answer: that's the first Lioness book, right?
9.) Alice in Wonderland
10.) Is that "How to Train Your Dragon"? Never saw or read it, but I think that's what I've gotten from the previews.

28 Sides Designs said...

2) Buffy
5)Star Trek (TOS)

1) Serenity (fruity oaty bars)
2)Princess Bride
3)Phantom of the Opera (haven't seen)
4)Ferris Bueller's day Off
5)Donnie Darko
1)Pride and Predjudice
2)Lion, Witch and Wardrobe
4)LIttle Women
5)Twilight Saga
7) Stardust
8) Alanna the First Adventure
9) Alice in Wonderland

I admit some I knew because I read the description on Better than it sounds...

Selana said...

Some sound so familiar, but I can't put my finger on it...

so here are my guesses:

TV Shows:

2 - Buffy
3 - McGyver
4 - Bones


1 - Serenity
2 - Princess Bride
3 - Phantom of the Opera
4 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off


1 - Pride and Prejudice
2 - Narnia
3 - That's something by Terry Pratchett, but can't remember which one without looking it up and that would be cheating
5 - Twilight series
7 - Stardust
9 - Alice in Wonderland
10 - Eragon

CraftingWit said...

Book #6 is A Wrinkle in Time

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to answer the ones that haven't been guessed yet (I think...) :D
#1 - Fringe. <3 I so need to get caught up...

#6 - A Wrinkle In Time
#10 - Eragon

This is fun! :D