Friday, July 31, 2009

March Upcountry by David Weber and John Ringo

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"March Upcountry" is the first in a series of military sci-fi books by David Weber. Now, while I love science fiction, I generally do not like the more military-orientated books. I'm not into the blood and gore and I don't have the type of mind that enjoys reading the tactics like some other people.

This, however, is one military sci-fi book that I really enjoyed reading. I'll admit I did "skim" over most of the battles, just reading enough to get the important details, but there was much more to the book than simply the fights! There is also a lot of political intrigue, laughter, and great character development.

In "March Upcountry" we meet Roger Ramius Sergei Chiang MacClintock, a foppish prince who is third in line to inherit the throne of man, and no one wants to imagine what would happen if he actually took the throne! His mother, the Empress, decides to send Roger on a mission that keeps him out of danger, and where he won't be able to cause much harm (hopefully). So he heads out with the Bronze Battalion for protection on what should be a simple, if annoying, trip.

Of course, life rarely goes as planned, and the trip is sabotaged, which forces Roger and his troops to land on a harsh planet. No one knows where they are, their resources are limited, and they are going to have to hike across the planet to get to the shuttle port where they will have to fight if they hope to ever get home. Fortunately the Bronze Battalion is made up of an elite fighting force, all of them chosen for their strength as soldiers, and for some of the interesting "other" talents that they often have.

Along the way they face incredible obstacles, and they come with solutions that aren't always what you'd expect. You'll love getting to know the characters in this book! Roger does grow to be more than a worthless fop, and there are many interesting people in the battalion. The armorer in particular will keep you laughing!

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I'm a political intrigue junkie. If there's intrigue in it, I'm reading it. :D