Monday, July 26, 2010

Writing ADD #22

I still had a bunch of migraines this week - but I got writing done anyway! yay! Not as much as I wanted, but writing was accomplished, so I'm super happy :) Here's the update:

Week's Total:
Book Reviews: 5
A Disturbing Group: In progress
Lost in a Migraine: Published
Total Words: 2622

Book Reviews: I still have a lot of book reviews to catch up on - but 5 is a start! I still have a full shelf on my little book case though >_> I need to take a picture of my book case one of these days so you guys know what I'm talking about.

"A Disturbing Group" is a from a picture prompt on the writer's web-site I recently joined. Right now BRS doesn't have a ton of activity, but I that's fine with me. Too much would overwhelm me :P When the stories done I'll post it on here as well.

"Lost in a Migraine" was inspired by - guess what??? my migraines! I had a horrible weekend because I was reacting to some chemicals, and I just had to write about it. I didn't know I was sitting down to write a poem, but that's what came out! Just click on the title to go check it out if you missed it.

Plans for this week:
~Finish "A Disturbing Group"
~Write a bunch of book reviews
~Work on Dalia's Story
~Write another "Striking thoughts" piece.

Now to see what actually happens! I'm off to work on Dalia's Story right now...

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Have you tried biofeedback for your migraines? It has worked exceptionally well for my son and me. I have been free of migraines for 25 years, and he has been free of them for 20 years. I know training can be provided, but he and I taught ourselves.