Friday, July 2, 2010

My Life - Migraines

Ok, trying to figure out how to write all this, been trying to figure it out, and finally decided I'm just going to give it my best shot and hopefully no one will end up too confused :P

I don't really want to give all the details, because I don't like talking bad about people, especially in an open forum like this. So I'll simply say a bunch of stuff happened in this last week and a half and I'm no longer with my neurologist. It's been an extremely frustrating process, but amazingly enough, I'm hanging in there and staying fairly calm about all of it.

The good news is that we (independent of the docs) figure out how to get my migraines to stop this time around! Part of the complexity of dealing with my migraines is that I deal with multiple triggers and some times different treatments are more appropriate than others. To put it simply, we figured out that the reasons my migraines weren't stopping were that my doctor hadn't thought to tell me about a component of one of my medications, so it was affecting me and giving me rebound headaches that he hadn't anticipated because of how my body interacts with that type of medication. If I had known about that component in the med I would have handled things differently and could have saved myself a LOT of pain! Knowing what we're dealing with means we were able to come up with a plan of attack and I'm doing a LOT better now! Woohoo! Big thanks to my brother John for helping me come up with the solution!

The other good news is that I had a long talk with one of the general physicians about my concerns and everything that happened with the neurologist. Katie was incensed on my behalf. It was nice :) She listened to me and ordered some tests to follow up on my concerns. We'll know the results of some of that early next week. She also got me a referral to a new neurologist.

I'm thinking I might switch to Katie as my primary doctor. I like the doc I have now, but it's nice to really be able to connect and talk ya know?

Oh! And still no news on the biopsy's the ran during my colonoscopy/endoscopy. I did nag them about it again though :P


Pretty Things said...

I'm so glad you found a help -- but so frustrated for your long time with incompetence!

I'm getting ready to have to start with a new neurologist, not because I'm unhappy with him, but because he no longer takes my insurance. Fortunately, my insurance JUST picked up the Johns Hopkins Neuro/Headache center, but bad news is, first appointment to get into their system isn't until March of NEXT YEAR. My old neuro went to school there and knows some of the guys and with my history is doing his best to push me through -- but we'll see.

Email me any time if you want to chat! said...

Sounds stressful, painful... I don't have migraines but have been sent to two neurologists. Gave up and went to a Naturopathic doctor and doing well.

Memories for Life said...

Sorry to hear you have to rind a new neurologist, but glad you found out what was triggering the migraines!

Katie sounds wonderful. You should always have a doc you can connect with and talk openly with :)