Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wolf Wing by Tanith Lee

"Wolf Wing" is the fourth and final book in the "Claidi Journals" by Tanith Lee. I've really enjoyed getting to know Claidi, both for her personality and because it's been fun to watch her life in journal format instead of the normal narrative you find in most books. Fortunately Tanith Lee is a prolific authoress, and while I'll miss this particular series, I look forward to exploring some of her other works!

In "Wolf Wing" Claidi and Argul finally are able to get married and start their new life together! They have faced so many obstacles to their relationship, that I think all readers will take a sigh of relief to see them finally together. Of course, this being Claidi's life, nothing is ever quite that simple. Yes, she and Argul are finally together, but that doesn't mean that their life is suddenly easily.

While Claidi and Argul are adjusting to their new married life they find out some shocking news. Ustareth, Argul's mother, is not dead like everyone has long believed. This news rocks their world, but they set off on a journey to reunite with Ustareth, and they aren't the only one's. Several others have also been summoned by Ustareth, including Argul's half brother Venn.

As they travel, Claidi and Argul find themselves separated. Ustareth made sure that they would have to travel part of the way apart, in order that she might test them. They don't realize this at first of course, Claidi just knows she's alone and fighting to find her way to Ustareth.

Many things are answered in this book. We learn more about the mysterious Ustareth, and why she left first Venn, and then Argul and his father. We also learn a lot more about Claidi, both her heritage, and why some of the things happen to and around her.

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