Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aria's Quest - Digging Deeper

Welcome to my story - Aria's Quest! If you missed the beginning I just started loading the back story onto my Deviant Art account ( and you can head over there to check it out :)

Section 4
Searching for Molly
Part 4
Digging Deeper

"Ok, back to the questions Molly avoided, what do you remember?" Aria asked.

"Well, the first thing I noticed was that she seemed to stop giving very many specifics. Instead of telling us which play she went to, she'd just say 'a play.' Instead of giving names she'd just give us a vague 'A friend and I.' Things like that."

"Sounds like she was hiding something."

"That's what I thought too, so I tried to get her to be more specific. What play? What friend? She wouldn't ever answer me directly. 'Oh, I don't remember the name of the play.' 'Oh, just some friends.' Then she'd find an excuse to get off the phone. "

"I see what you mean, that's not much to work with."

"Nope. I thought that maybe I could try to figure out what she'd been doing, but when I got here I quickly realized that it had been so long since she'd given specific names that I didn't have a clue where to begin."

"So what did you do?" Aria asked, curious to see what ground had already been covered.

"Well, to begin with I filed a missing persons report. The cop I talked too didn't seem to sympathetic, kept asking me if it was possible my sister just didn't want to talk to us anymore." Joey got really quite for a minute, "That thought scared me. I couldn't even begin to imagine that Molly wouldn't want us in her life any more. I wouldn't listen to him. Lately though I've started to think more about how distant she had gotten over the phone, and sometimes I wonder if that cop was right."

"I suppose it's possible," Aria said doubtfully, "but it sounds like the two of you had always been really close. Do you really think Molly would cut you out of her life unless something was really wrong or she was being forced?"

"I hope not, but that alternative is pretty scary too."

Aria patted Joey's hand with her tiny little hand, her touch was light as a feather and he might not have even noticed it if he hadn't been looking at her. "Hang in there, we'll figure this out!"


"Your welcome. So what did you do after you tried talking to the cops?"

"Well, I went to her school, and they wouldn't give me any information. Said I wasn't authorized or something like that. I tried going to the last address we had for her, but apparently she'd moved from there awhile before she went missing, and nobody there knew here new address. I even tried going everywhere I could think of with her picture, spent months doing that whenever I wasn't working, but nobody could give me any information." Joey grew silent, his frustration obvious on his face.

Aria was quite for awhile as well. It didn't sound good, but there had to be something, somewhere, that would give them a clue! The only thing she could think of was, "Can you write down Molly's full name and the last address you had for her? I'm going to talk to Robyn and see if he has any friends who can help."

Joey looked a little skeptical, "But the address was a dead end!"

"For you maybe, you never know what a little magic might accomplish!"

Shaking his head a little, Joey wrote down the information, "Go for it, what can it hurt?"

"Thanks. I'll let you know as soon as I know anything!"

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