Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Classic Ruthie

Note: I wrote this the day it happened, so it wasn't actually this morning, but it was when I wrote it :P

Classic Ruthie

I'm known, to my family and friends, for managing to mess things up. I'm usually quite well intentioned, I'm just a little absent minded, and rather uncoordinated at times. I tend to find this rather frustrating, but everyone else tends to find it rather amusing!

Today was the perfect example.

My brother and I are on a mini-road trip to visit our Granny who is currently in a nursing home battling cancer. We spent the night out at her house to save money, both on lodging, and because we can cook for ourselves this way. Now our Mom raised us right, so that means cleaning up after ourselves and putting things back where we found them. That should be a good thing right? Well, maybe not when you put me into the mix!

Peter and I made a deal this morning. He'd cook breakfast and I'd clean. Since Moses rarely cooks I jumped at the chance to let someone else cook for me! Even though I really don't like cleaning, I still felt like I was coming out ahead in this deal.

So while Peter started chopping and frying potatoes, I started shuffling around, drinking coffee, gathering our stuff, and straightening up. After we ate (and those potatoes were good!) I finished loading the dishwasher and got it going. Since it was still early Peter and I settled down in the living room with more coffee. We turned on some country music, I pulled out my crocheting, and just spent some time chatting.

After awhile I decided to get up, rinse out my coffee mug, and get some water. Now to understand this next part you need to understand that I don't generally look at my feet while I walk, I choose to meet the world face to face. So when I stood in front of the sink and realized my socks were damp my first thought was, "Peter must have spilled some water when he rinsed something." Which was odd, but since I knew I hadn't slopped any water, it was the only thing that made sense.

Well, until a couple of seconds later when I realized my socks weren't just damp, they were getting soaked!

That's when I finally looked down and realized that I WAS the one who had caused all the water. I had flooded the kitchen with the dish washer! I stared dumbly at the foam frothing forth for a moment before I had the presence of mind to turn off the dish washer and call for Peter.

It didn't take us long to mop up the water, rinse out the rugs and towels and throw them in the dryer, and figure out just how I'd managed to get us into this mess. I had absent-mindedly grabbed the first bottle I saw under the sink, checked that it was soap, and promptly forgot to make sure it was for the dish washer and not for using in the sink! This, of course, led to our soapy overflow.

Oh well, at least the bubbles were pretty!


Splendid Little Stars said...

LOL, Ruthie! bet it wasn't all that funny at the time! But you certainly know how to keep things interesting! I'm sure your family appreciates that about you!

KilaRohner.com said...

Ha, Ruthie! Very funny. We did this once and I know exactly what it looks like.

Nayuleska said...

Heehee - I did something a bit less spectacular with the washing machine - the seal wasn't closed properly because a sock was lodged there. My parents were pretty understanding and I won't be doing it again (wet floor). I didn't have bubbles though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy!!!

Anonymous said...

At least the bubbles were pretty. That sounds like something I would have done.