Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Lost Boys - a Movie Review

Who said movie reviews have to be about current movies? I recently re-watched "The Lost Boys," a campy vampire movie made in the late 80's. I love this movie!

Now, unlike many children of the 80's, I didn't grow up with this movie. My parents wouldn't have dreamed of letting me watch a vampire movie when I was little! I did see it a few years ago with my Evil Twin, and I decided that it was time to introduce my brother to this cult classic.

We had a great time watching it. It is definitely very 80's, and we cracked up over some of the hair styles and outfit! It was also strange seeing Kiefer Sutherland looking so young. As far as vampire movie go - it's not exactly that scary - but is a lot of fun!

So if your looking for some fun, blood, and 80's nostalgia, then this is the perfect movie for you!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Like you, I didn't grow up with all the movies my roommates consider essential childhood favorites and am only just now catching up on a lot of them. Sadly, I find myself too old to appreciate a lot of them as my childhood innocence and wonder is mostly gone - but I saw The Lost Boys and *LOVED* it. Young Keifer Sutherland? Yum! I also laughed my way through the entire ending fight.

Thanks for reminding me of this movie! Except now it's packed up for a couple of weeks. :(