Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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I went into the book "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley with a lot of preconceptions. How can I not? Most of us here in America have grown up with the story of Frankenstein as portrayed by Hollywood, whether we've seen the movie or not. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if I've seen the entire movie, or if my ideas are pieced together from bits and pieces and things that have made it into other movies.

Well the story was not what I expected, but I still found it very interesting! I had visions of a tall tower, lightening, and villagers at the base of the tower with pitch forks. There is no tall tower, lightening does play a role, and the angry villagers aren't as prevalent in the book as I thought they'd be.

What we do have is a fascinating tale that was written by a girl of 19. 19??? That's right. How many novels do you think have been written by 19 year olds - and have achieved this much fame? Not many I'd imagine.

The story tells of the creation of Frankenstein's creature, who he is utterly horrified of once he's brought to life. The book is broken up into several sections. In the beginning we learn of what lead to this monstrous creation. In the middle section we learn the Creature's story, what happened to him as he tried to comes to terms with who and what he is, and how he copes. In the last section we have a dramatic sequence of events where Frankstein remeets his creature, and things go horrifically wrong from there.

It was definitely an interesting read!

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Adaptable Kay said...

Oh I remember reading the book for my Senior English class way back when I was a senior(a year and a half ago) and I did the same. There are so many spoofs and stories that include Frankenstein, so your really not sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed it!