Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June's Contest WINNER

This month's winner is again THERESA of TILTCREATIONS!!! Woohoo! She's won a $10 gift certificate to either of my shops.

Now, for any of you that may be disappointed that you didn't win my top commentator contest, from now on the previous month's winner will not be eligible for the current month. So Theresa's not eligible next month and all of YOU have a chance to win!

How do you win? Just comment on my posts! Please make your comments more than one word, but that's the only requirement! Whoever has the most comments for the month - wins!

Here's the fun figures :)
Top Commentator: This month - 16, last month - 12
Total Commentators: This month - 29, last month - 32
Total Comments: This month - 108, last month 100

Have a great day!


Memories for Life said...

WooHoo...congrats Theresa :)

BeadedTail said...

Congratulations to Teresa!

TiLT said...

I'm not gonna get hate mail now am I?