Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Last Siege by Jonathan Stroud

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Once again Jonathan Stroud writes and excellent book, and from a completely different angle than the others of his that I've read so far! I think that's what I enjoy the most about him as an author, not only is very creative, but he's always doing new things!

In "The Last Siege" we meet a several children who live in what I'm assuming is rural England. These three children wouldn't necessarily have been the type to become friends, but they are drawn together first by a snowball fight, and then by the imagination and excitement of Marcus.

Marcus loves castles, he's read about them, explored them, and dreamed about them for a long time. Well, Emily and Simon live in a village that has a castle, and Marcus convinces them to explore it. Not as easily done as said however because the castle is locked up for the winter, and the snow has been fierce lately. The kids manage it though, and their imaginations run wild as they explore.

Then Marcus comes up with another idea, wouldn't it be fun to spend the night in the castle? This sets them off on a series of adventures that will turn rather nightmarish before it's all over! You could say it's a bit of a psychological thriller for young adults. I really enjoyed it!


Splendid Little Stars said...

I do like young adult books and this sounds interesting.

Adaptable Kay said...

You should totally read James Rollins...I'm not sure if you would like him, but something tells me you would. He is a genius when it comes to writing action/adventure/mystery/thriller/romance/and kinda sorta sci fi but not really. I'm not sure how to explain his books. Lol