Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hooray! I woke up today with out a migraine! Do you have any idea how incredible it is when that happens? I think this IV treatment is actually working :) The frustrating part is that knowing my body I'll probably end up with more migraines at some point and need to do more IV's, but if it stops the pain, I can deal with that!

I did end up with this seriously gnarly bruise from one of my IV treatments! It actually didn't hurt that much, I know it looks like it would have, but it didn't :P

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Carapace said...

Oooh. I DO know how incredible that is. It's like waking up with superpowers!

I do hope the IV treatments keep working for you! What are they giving you, anyhow?

(and take some potassium and vitamin E, to help hold back those bruises!)