Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand by Gail Carson Levine

Illustrated by David Christiana

"Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand," is a bit different from Gail Carson Levine's other works. It's still a fantastic story, and it still full of magic, but this particular story has been authorized by Disney, and has a character that we all know and love, Tinker Bell. We also see Peter Pan appear, and of course Neverland itself.

Our story starts because Rani, a fairy who was not blessed with wings at birth, had promised Soop, a mermaid, a fairy wand in exchange for a magical item that was needed to save a life. The only problem is that the fairies of Neverland are not wand fairies, and to fulfill her promise Rani would have to travel to the land of the Great Wandies to ask for a wand. This is something Mother Dove will not allow her to do.

Soop reacts in anger instead of understanding when Rani tries to explain that she is being prevented from fulfilling her promise. In fact she decides to curse Fairy Haven with a flood that will surely drown all the fairies, and her great wrath she will not listen to a word Rani has to say. Desperate, Rani hurries back to the Fairy Haven and reports her dreadful news.

Reluctantly Mother Dove is forced to allow an expedition to the Great Wandies, for there is no other way to save their home. She worries about her fairies though, she knows that wand madness is a dreadful thing, and she fears what it will do to the travelers. Tinker Bell is among those travelers, and all of them think they are above the wand madness that Mother Dove warns of.

Wand Madness is an insidious thing however. Think on it, if you had the power to change whatever you wanted, wouldn't you be tempted? The only problem is that our wishes can often have unforeseen consequences, as our fairies quickly learn. The pages of this book are filled with beautiful illustrations as we watch our fairies learn about wands, wand madness, and how to come together to save the land they love.

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