Monday, April 26, 2010

Writing ADD #14

Last week was pretty slim pickings writing-wise. I wrote about the best laid plans...which we all know often go awry! Despite the being ill and other insanity during my week I did manage to get two book reports and a total of 685 words written though :) And I spent time thinking about writing, which can be almost as an important of a step as actually writing! Right? Ah well - this week seems to be starting out better so I'm hoping for more writing to be accomplished this week! After all - the words are practically bursting to be let out.


Memories for Life said...

I do believe that just thinking about a project qualifies as work :) Hope you get lots of crafting and writing done this week :)

Nayuleska said...

I agree that thinking about a wip = writing. At the moment writing isn't able to happen much, but I'm constantly thinking about it, planning what happens next. This is useful for when I come to write, hopefully my Muse will be more certain of how she wants the story to go.