Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dark Tide II - Ruin by Micael A Stackpole

"Dark Tide II - Ruin" continues the story of the New Jedi Order and is the sequel to "Dark Tide I - Onslaught." In these books a new threat is facing the galaxy, one that even the Jedi have troubles with, because they don't have a presence in the force.

I'm having a wee bit of troubles getting through these books because this threat, the Yuuzhan Vong, are not only a violent race, they thrive on pain. Their entire culture is centered around the self infliction of pain, because that is what makes them stronger. Yeah. Well, that doesn't exactly make for the most pleasant read.

On the other hand I'm already well accustomed to scanning through battle scenes (I'm just not a fight scene type girl when there is a lot of blood) so I simply scanned through those portions of the book as well. It meant I scanned larger portions of this book than I do most, but I did enjoy the sections in between with the Jedi, the former Rebels, and believe it or not, the remnants of the Empire!

That's right, the Vong are such a huge threat that everyone is banding together to fight them, even old enemies like the remnants of the Empire and the people who destroyed them. That makes for some interesting situations as I'm sure you can imagine! We also get to watch the Solo kids continue to grow and develop in this book, which I really enjoyed as well.

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