Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aria's Quest - Questions from Eddie

Section 4
Searching for Molly
Part 7
Questions from Eddie

Aria continued to look around the room, soaking it all in, while Robyn explained the situation to Eddie. Technology was still very strange to Aria. Gina had explained computers too her, but what Gina and Darryl used was vastly different from the set up in this room. Robyn could have told her that was because their computer was older and rather basic, but she didn’t think to ask him. She was so busy looking around that she jumped into the air with a little flutter when Eddie turned and addressed her.

“What specific information can you give me? I need any names, addresses, things like that so I can track her easier.” Eddie said, fingers poised to type.

Aria started listing the information she knew. Joey had given her everything he could think of. She was a little skeptical that Eddie was going to be able to find out any more than Joey had, but she trusted Robyn, so she was trying to trust that Eddie would succeed.

As Aria read off the information Eddie’s fingers flew over the keyboard. She probably wouldn’t have believed he was even listening to her if he hadn’t occasionally asked her to clarify how a piece of information was relevant. Finally she ran out of information, and she just hovered over his shoulder, watching as he performed visual gymnastics with the computer screen.

Finally Eddie grunted, pressed one final key, and reached over to the machine that had just begun spewing out paper. “Ok, the last address you had wasn’t the last registered address for her. I was able to trace her through two more moves. Both addresses are on here so you can ask for information. The last job I was able to trace her too was working as a bar tender at ‘Velocity.’ It looks like she hasn’t been there in awhile though. She might have moved from there to something less legal. Try checking in with Anna to see if she can help you follow up on that lead. Oh, and I found a picture of her on Velocity’s web site.” He showed them a piece of paper with a picture of a young woman behind a bar. Her hair was pulled up into a messy knot on top of her head, dark, with bright purple streaks running through it. She had multiple piercings in her ears, and her wrists were covered in bracelets and her fingers in rings.

Aria was stunned. This was a very different picture of Molly than the one that Joey had showed her. Molly had always had a flair for the dramatic, but this seemed even more than that. The other thing that struck her was that Molly’s eyes looked so very sad.

Eddie helped them fold the pieces of paper up into tiny squares that Robyn was able to fit in his pack and the two of them took off again. Apparently Robyn knew who Anna was, and they headed out to the Nexus to talk to her.

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