Monday, December 28, 2009

Writing ADD #1

If you know me from one the on-line art/craft world, then you've seen my (usually) weekly Crafty ADD posts. What you may not know is that I've been writing for almost as long, if not longer, than I've been crafting. One of these days I'll write up that story, but for now, suffice it say, I love to write! I even have a book I started about two years ago, but I had to take a break from writing earlier this year when my migraines got really bad. I can write through a lot, but migraines just are NOT conducive to writing creativity.

The good news is that my migraines have been getting a lot better over the last month, and with them, my passion to write has been returning. My original plan was to just start focusing more on writing after the Christmas insanity was over, but then I got inspired. I spent an afternoon talking with one of my close friends/sisters about writing, and went home with lots of ideas in my head! So the next day I started working on writing again, and when I tried to go to sleep after writing I came up with a plan.

I'm going to have a writing goal of 5,000 words a week. I figure that's an average of 1,000 words a day, with two days "off" for not feeling good or simply being too busy. As this week has already proved, I'm sure there will be some days I go over 1,000 and some days where I write less, but I reached my goal this week! So here's my report :)

~ Book Review - 581
~ Memoir - 505
~ Day's total - 1086
As you can see - I'm counting my book reviews as part of my writing goals! It's one of the few writing things I did manage to stay consistent on while the migraines were so bad! I also started working on a memoir piece about spending time with my Granny. That one is hard to work on, so I haven't managed to make myself work on it since :P

~ Book Review - 248
~ Short fiction - 375
~ Day's total - 623
On Tuesday I had written up a short book review (children's book) and never gotten around to anything else with the busyness of the day and not really feeling good. I had planned on writing more, it just hadn't happened. Then, as I was following asleep, a short sketch presented itself in my brain! So I got up and worked on it. I don't know yet if I'm going to expand into anything work sharing, but it was fun to work on, and more importantly, it gave me more words written for the day!

~ Book Review - 500
~ Character Sketch - 1214
~ Day's total - 1714
Wednesday was my big writing day of the week, which is ironic, because I had a lot to get done that day! Anyway, I'm going to be playing a game of D&D with one of my close on-line friends, and we've started creating our characters. I'm doing a character sketch to get a better "feel" for my character, and since we aren't using any sort of established history, it also gives me the chance to help her write the history of our "world!" I"m having a lot of fun with that as I'm sure you can imagine!

~ Book Review - 322
~ Day's Total - 322
Thursday I was really tired and worn out from hosting a game night the night before, but I still got a book review written! So that's something at least, and like I said, I figured I'd have "off" days.

~ Character Sketch - 422
~ Day's Total - 422
Yes, I even got some writing done on Christmas day! We had a great day with my hubbies family, came home and slept for awhile, and after I woke up I got a little bit more work done on some crafty things, and some work on my Character Sketch.

~ Book Review - 409
~ Day's Total - 409
I was really tired again on Saturday, so I mostly rested up from the holiday festivities, but I got another book review written! I'm was quite motivated this week by the BIG pile of back logged book reviews I had accumulated.

~ Opinion Piece - 436
~ Worked on database for Jemnath
~ Day's Total - 436
Sunday (yesterday) we left for a short road trip up to visit my Granny. Since my brother was driving, and doesn't wake up anywhere near as early as I do, I spent some time working on creating a database for my book, Jemnath. It's something I'd been wanting to do before I was forced to stop working on it, and I figure it will help me re-familiarize myself with the story. I'm creating separate files for characters, landmarks, creatures, and plants (it's a fantasy). I also ended up writing a opinion piece (that I'll be sharing soon) on a very random topic! I hand wrote it that day when we had some down time in between visiting Granny, dinner, and more visiting, and then typed it up today.

~ Book Reviews: 5
~ Memoir - in progress
~ Short Fiction - In progress
~ Character Sketch - In progress
~ Opinion Piece - needs editing
~ Jemnath Database - started
~ Week's Total - 5012
Can you see why I'm calling this writing ADD? I jump all over the place! I have a file where I'm keeping track of everything I have in progress, and when I last worked on it, so hopefully that will help me actually finish things!

Oh yes, and for any one who's wondering, my story Aria's Quest is coming back this week!

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Meri Greenleaf said...

You absolutely rock for not only writing up some history for the game, but for *wanting* to write up history for the game. ;) Now you're putting me to shame since you've written more for it than I have, LOL!