Monday, December 21, 2009

Treatment Starts

Mom and Dad came home from Seattle Saturday afternoon. It was time for Dad to get a break, and I think it was really good for him to have a little bit of time back home before he went back up north to be with his brothers and Granny. I went over to Mom and Dad's yesterday so I could see both of them. I've been talking a lot with Mom through all of this, but I'd only talked to Dad very briefly. I'm glad I went yesterday - because today he ended up heading back up!

It was good to get to talk to Mom and Dad face to face about everything. Getting things over the phone works, but face to face tends to work better over all, especially with Dad. The hard part though was when I finally asked if the doctors were talking time frames yet. They are still being pretty vague, but Mom finally asked "are we talking weeks, months, years?" and the doctor told her were talking months. That's hard to cope with, but at least its better than weeks!

Like I said, Dad headed back up today. Granny got her first of 10 radiation treatments today (no clue how it went) and then my Uncles were driving her from the Seattle hospital to a skilled nursing center back in her home area. I don't know how that went - I'm sure I'll hear more tomorrow though!

Right now we have no idea if Mom and Dad will be home for Christmas. There are soooo many variables! If Dad feels like he needs to be up there than Mom will go back up to join him. It doesn't really bother me because we weren't really planning on doing any big Christmas stuff until after Peter gets home on the 30th anyway.

I'm hoping to go up and see Granny next weekend. Leaving either Saturday or Sunday. It will probably be a two day trip. Since she's back close to her home it'll be a 4 or 5 hour drive, and I'm just not up to riding in a car that long both ways in one day! Right now it looks like the trip will be Gordon and I. He's not really close to Granny, but he likes road trips, and Mo really doesn't. So, since Gordon's willing, we figure it'll be a more entertaining trip if Gordon and I go :) I'll miss Mo, but that's ok.


Meri Greenleaf said...

*lots of hugs!* That's good that Gordon wants to go with you. :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

whew! That's difficult stuff! And I totally relate to what you're going through. because of my mother. It will be good for you to visit your granny and no doubt good for Gordan, too. great that the two of you can share the journey together.

Anonymous said...


Face time truly is the best mode when communicating about an ill loved one, especially if the face time is with loved ones.

You are a very special bean Ruthie!

Memories for Life said...

I hope you hear good news today! And I hope your trip goes well and you get to spend lots of time with Granny!