Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Journey to The Dark Side

Yesterday my dear hubby and I went and picked up my very own CPAP machine. If you haven't been following my journey dealing with sleep apnea go here and here to read my first posts and get more info about apnea and the CPAP machine :)

I've been calling it my "Darth Vader mask" and the jokes have been FLYING about me joining the dark side! In reality, it's super quiet, none of the classic Vader breathing. Having the mask over my face makes me feel like I'm a cyborg or something though.

My dear hubby is being incredibly supportive. He knows how emotionally draining this adjustment is for me, and he kept telling me his sexy-cyborg last night :D Gosh I'm lucky to have a hubby like him!

Even though I was really tired last night (I'd been having asthma problems) it still took me about 2 1/2 hrs to fall asleep last night. Then I woke up a good hour and a half earlier than I usually do. Can you say - tired? I did manage to take a nap this morning, but I was a good girl and used the machine, and so I woke up yawning.

I could easily go to sleep right now, but I don't want to mess up my night sleep schedule and make things even harder tonight, so I'm sticking it out :)

The lady who set us up with the machine said that the average person takes 3 months to adjust to their cpap machine. I can believe it! The closest analogy I can come up with is that it's like wearing a brace, cast, or head gear. You've got a foreign object on your body, so even though you sleep, you may not feel super rested when you get up. I'm sure that it's better for my lungs, so I'm determined to make it work, but the next few weeks/months might be hard. I'll keep you updated!


Kate said...

Oh Lordy. Best thing for you but good luck adjusting!

BeadedTail said...

And I thought trying to sleep with a cat laying on me was bad! I hope you adjust sooner than 3 months and I most certainly am hoping you will be able to get a good nights sleep using the mask.

uniquecommodities said...

WOW! I hope you adjust to everything soon!

TiLT said...

wishing you the best...and if I ever hear you are on the dark side - I'll know you are just there as a spy :)

Unknown said...

Hi there,

Congrats on getting diagnosed and treated for Sleep Apnea! You'll have difficulty adjusting (I know I did), but it will just "click" at a certain point and you'll feel much better. I blog about my experiences at

there's a lot to learn. hope you find that site helpful.