Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Pollyanna Dental Update

I grew up watching the 1960 Disney version of the movie "Pollyanna." It was based on a book by Eleanor Porter and is about a young girl who manages to stay positive in the face of incredibly difficult circumstances. Pollyanna had grown up as a missionary child, so she was accustomed to poverty and the hand me downs she got from the missionary barrels. Then her parents die, leaving her to go live with her aunt, a spinster who seems cold and harsh, in a town that's far from cheerful.

I couldn't find the exact quote, but Pollyanna has a policy in life of always looking for the best in any situation. For finding the silver lining in every rain cloud. Eventually her positive attitude infects the entire town!

Life wasn't always easy when I was younger, and Mom taught me to look at life like Pollyanna did. I've had people ask me in the last couple years, as I've struggled with severe asthma and migraines, how I stay positive, and the answer is often Pollyanna! (when I am actually staying positive that is) Mom and I practiced that attitude so much that looking for the best in a situation is something I do with out even thinking about it most of the time.

Yesterday I had oral surgery to have one of my back molars removed. On the one hand it's a frustrating situation because it is painful and it means I have a hole in my mouth which will making chewing more difficult. However, there are a lot of good things I can be thankful for! So here's my Pollyanna look at the whole situation :)

1. After 2 years of avoiding all milk because of the severity of my asthma I've finally been able to work it back into my diet - which means that while I can barely chew during recovery I can eat things like yogurt and mac'n'cheese!

2. For years I had to avoid having apples, applesauce, or apple juice because it would mess up my innards, I discovered about a month ago this is no longer the case, so I've also been able to eat lots of yummy applesauce as I recover!

3. The dentist was really competent and really kind. He numbed me up really well, and when I said "ow" he shot me up some more! He also gave me some really strong pain killers so for once they are working :)

4. My Mom already had the day off because she took my grandparents in the airport that morning so they could fly home, so my Mom was there with me, which was very comforting since the hubby had to be in school!

5. The dentist worked really fast so my jaw isn't nearly as sore as I thought it would be today, which means I can eat much easier than I thought I'd be able too!

All in all, despite being a little foggy from pain meds, and the pain when the meds start to wear off in that last hour before I can take them again, I have a LOT to be thankful for. Praise God!


BeadedTail said...

What a wonderful attitude Ruthie! Glad things are better than expected and your health is improving too!

Meri Greenleaf said...

I love your constant positive attitude- I'm so glad that you found some positives in here! :) Heck, I'm jealous that you can eat milk products now, lol!

Nayuleska said...

I'm releived that it went really well. Yay for being able to eat milk and apples again! Icecream is a good one :)

Very Verdant said...

So glad things went well. I love the Pollyanna take on life. What an inspiration!

Memories for Life said...

LOVE your attitude Ruthie :) It always helps to stay positive in difficult situations :)