Monday, May 18, 2009

The Leap by Jonathan Stroud

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"The Leap" is by Jonathan Stroud, one of my new favorite authors of books for young adults. I'm not sure I would hand this one to a young adult though. It would really depend on the maturity level of the person in question. Why? It gets creepy! And it deals with some really serious topics.

In this book we meet Charlie, a girl who just lost her best friend to drowning, and who's convinced that he's calling for her. Not for her to drown as well (although she did try to save him), but as if he's lost, and wants to be found. Through her dreams, and through some adventures in the day time, Charlie begins to follow her friend Max in an attempt to save him.

As Charlie struggles, her family, especially her brother, worry about her. It's obvious that she has not moved on from the accident, but nobody quite knows what to do. So they watch her as closely as they can, something that drives Charlie nuts!

This book keeps you hopping as it changes point of view back and forth between Charlie and her brother. I really liked how the author did that because I think it led to the overall suspense of the book. The ending surprised me slightly, but overall I liked it. 


TiLT said...

I'll have to se if my son would like to read this one. He's gotten away from reading this year & we are trying to get him back...and he likes creepy (but not scary).

Adaptable Kay said...

I'll have to order that at the library one of these days :D